are sharp of a tree of Ukraine of Kiev of Kharkov of Dnepropetrovsk wood The productive powers manufacture of the instrument our company a spectrum of the instrument the equipment is made Long-term  производимый ведущими производителями Украины links by experience in the market of the instrument at the price of the manufacturer

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The company "САЕ" ТМ, about us


      Excuse for a low level of the English language.
The basic productive capacities on manufacture of the instrument for are sharp of a tree are concentrated in such cities of Ukraine as Kamenets-Podolsky, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk etc.
      Our company represents all spectrum of the instrument for are sharp of a tree which is made on Ukraine.
      Long-term links the operations, supported with experience, in the market of the instrument for are sharp of a tree, equipment and instrument of Ukraine have allowed us to offer wide assortment of production at the price of the manufacturer.
      Having converted to us you can receive from our experts the qualified advice, they will help with selection of the instrument for are sharp of a tree for your manufacture.
       At the request of the customer the delivery of the equipment and instrument by transport is carried out. There is an opportunity of manufacture of the instrument under the drawings of the customer.
        For the fixed clients the flexible system of the discounts operates.
        Is invited to cooperation of the regional dealers.
        The price for the instrument is much less than in the European countries, the quality answers the standard.

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